• 15 Jan 2024
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Update On Road Upgrade Projects Done in 2023

Hon. Kimani Ichungw'ah has highlighted the crucial role of road networks in fostering connectivity, emphasizing the facilitation of ease of movement, trade, and development. He expressed the priority placed on establishing paved or tarmacked roads, with a deliberate focus on enhancing and expanding road networks within the constituency. The objective of these efforts is to create opportunities for growth and progress, ensuring seamless connectivity for all residents. Hon. Kimani Ichungw'ah provided an update on several road projects in Kikuyu Constituency in 2023, including the tarmacking of Kinoo Chief's Road, 87-Kariango Kanyariri Road, Kikuyu Boys Junction-KEFRI Headquarters Road, the ongoing tarmacking of Kanduma-Kwa Mindo-Acre Moja Road, tarmacking Karii-Riu Nderi Road, Cabro Paved Nderi Primary School Access Road, Cabro Paved Mama Ngina Primary School Access Road, tarmacking Sironi-Springs Road-Good Morning Junction, Kidfarmaco, tarmacking P.C.E.A Musa Gitau Church Road, ongoing tarmacking of Karinde-Gitiba Road, tarmacking Gikambura Shopping Centre Roads, and Cabro Paved Gicharani Primary School Access Road. The MP reassured the public of their unwavering commitment to development delivery in 2024.