• 18 Mar 2024
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Tarmacking of Kwa Ngando - Riu Nderi Road

The tarmacking of the Kwa Ngando - Riu Nderi That sits on the border of Karai and Nachu Wards is integral as it enhances access to facilities such as the Riu Nderi Police Post and Riu Nderi Primary School. It will also enable the easy movement of residents in this area that continues to experience a rapid rise in population and settlement of new residents. The Lusigetti - Kiore - NJumbi Primary - Jambu TV Road: Kiore Muslim Road is currently undergoing the initial extensive earthworks that preceed tarmacking.

Upon completion, it will be a very strategic link road between the Thogoto - Mutarakwa Road and the Kikuyu - Ondiri - Kamangu Road. This will ease the movement of people, goods and services between the surrounding areas and relieve pressure and traffic on the major highway network in the constituency.