• 02 May 2024
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Stories Of Transformation - Mama Ngina Senior Secondary School

The school was started as an annex of Mama Ngina Primary School in 2016 to address the pressing need for a secondary school in Kinoo Ward that did not have one. It was arrogated by Kikuyu NG-CDF in 2020 and has been continually transformed into a center of excellence with modern infrastructure and learning facilities. 

Kikuyu NG-CDF has constructed 12 modern classrooms and furnished them with lockers and seats. The school’s access road and parade grounds will cabro paved this financial year 2023/24.  

Some of the returns on the investments made by Kikuyu NG-CDF in the school include a significant rise in student population and improved outcomes. The school currently has a population of 507 students drawn from Kikuyu and neighboring Constituencies. 97 students received a cumulative total of Ksh392,000 in financial support from our bursary program for academic year 2024.