• 15 Jan 2024
  • Projects
  • Post by Media Team

Inspection Of Progress On The Kanduma-Kwa Mindo Acre Moja Road

Hon. Kimani Ichung'wah checked out the work happening on the Kanduma-Kwa Mindo Acre Moja Road in Sigona Ward, where they're putting down Granular Sub-Base (GCS). Having a strong road system is super important for development. This project is a big deal because it doesn't just make places easier to reach, but it also creates new opportunities for progress and connects different communities. He emphasized that as that as he sees the improvements being made on this road, he is indeed excited about how it will positively affect local development. It's not just about making transportation easier, but it's also going to contribute to making the whole region better off. The road work happening here is more than just construction – it's a promise of improved access, economic growth, and stronger community ties. This project is setting the stage for a future where everyone can connect easily, and the whole area can thrive.