Roads undergoing rehabilitation

On 13th July 2020,  with our Kerra team we toured roads undergoing rehabilitation in Karai ward , Kangiria Pcea Riu Nderi, HaChege Riu Nderi Masai road, mai ai ihii -greengarden-Comet -mai ai ihii Primary school and In Sigona Ward at Thamanda -Mechanic -Kiriimiti, Gwa Kei-Water project Catholic ,Kwamindo-Gatangini road, Ha Cerere-Kiroe,Nduma primary-WaMbachia-Kiroe roads amongst others that we intend to rehabilitate soon. Later we shall tour Kikuyu ward, Kinoo and Nachu wards.
We continue to collaborate with our County government to compliment their efforts to maintain rural access roads most of which fall under their mandate as we endevour to create seamless connectivity between markets and other public facilities like schools under our Constituency Roads Committee.
Moving Kikuyu Forward we remain #Focussed_on_Development_and_Delivery.
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