Roads Under Rehabilitation and Maintenance by our Constituency Roads KERRA Committee

On 15 Jan 2021, We inspected the site of the proposed new Kanyanjara Secondary School as we also evaluated the Primary school’s needs including those of the ECDE school at Kanyanjara Primary and Nderi Primary schools.
Thereafter we toured some of the roads under rehabilitation and maintenance by our Constituency Roads KERRA Committee, amongst them the Thamanda Gwa Kei-Thamanda Water,- AcK road, Chege Mbitiru road, Kanduma -Kwa Muriuki in Kerwa and Thamanda amongst others in Nderi like the Shauri -Nderi PCEA to Gatonye shauri road and PCEA Mega to Nderi kaburi ini, nderi catholic to orthodox (Kwa Fema) road as well as the KUSP funded Nderi -Kikuyu road being upgraded to Bitumen standard.
We also confirmed the completion of the street lighting Program for the Kerwa shopping centre, Kwa Makanika road Thamanda and Sigona Crescent road, Jomo drive and Ngumi close
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