Nachu CSR Projects

On 9th March, we held a consultative meeting with the head teacher & B.O.M Nachu Secondary school, principal Nachu Technical Vocational Center and CCCC representatives as we discussed CSR projects within the two institutions and across Nachu ward.
Thereafter we had a groundbreaking ceremony for four new classrooms to be constructed at Nachu High school, expanding it to a double streamed day secondary school, sponsored by the national CDF board as CSR project recognizing the good work done by the CDF Kikuyu. We also launched a constituency wide tree planting exercise at both institutions aimed at making Kikuyu green, funded by CDF Kikuyu. The program will be replicated across all wards during this rainy season. Thereafter we joined the family of the late Moses Kageche, father to Kagia Dan K to pay our last respects.

Afterwards, we joined a team of KENHA engineers and Kabete MP to the Kinoo 87-Kariango-Kanyariri road in efforts to create a seamless connection between Waiyaki Way and the Western bypass from 87, through Kariango and Kanyariri crossing the Gitaru-Ndumboini road all the way to Greenbelt. These road will be constructed to bitumen standard as part of the Waiyaki way upgrade and Western bypass projects as well as the Uthiru Gichagi to Ndumboini road.

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