Kikuyu Constituency CRC KERRA road rehabilitation works

On 4th August 2022, we inspected ongoing Kikuyu Constituency CRC KERRA road rehabilitation works along the Ndaire-Bypass college road in Thogoto and the Kanyethi-Hiuhu road as well as the proposed opening up of Karinde Kerarapon road to connect to Riu Nderi,Dagoretti road chiefs access,Dagoretti market Gwa-Kimani Slaughter house road in Kikuyu and Karai wards. We also inspected the Nduma primary road in Sigona ward and ongoing NGCDF project at Muhu Secondary and school exhaustible Toilets at Kamangu Primary.
We also did a little bit of farm work. Part of our Covid Mitigation measures besides food provision to needy families has been to ensure that we role out projects in the Constituency that will stimulate economic activity besides offering job opportunities to our people from the ones providing Labour to the suppliers of materials and others feeding the workers at the construction sites. We Shall Overcome.
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