Complete and Ongoing Projects Inspection

On 1st Oct 2020, We inspected ongoing works for construction of the Muhu Secondary school academic block whose first floor is now being completed. Muhu Secondary school’s landscape is changing having completed their school hall, kitchen and laboratories and toilets.
We also inspected the ongoing works at Thogoto Primary school assembly grounds and Admin offices.
Later we inspected the ongoing works of the Kikuyu Sewer and Water Project which besides sewer connectivity for Kikuyu town, Kidfarmaco and Thogoto also has numerous high yield boreholes serving parts of Kikuyu, Kinoo,Karai and Nachu wards.
Through the Athi Water Services Board,We have developed 4 high yielding boreholes at Ondiri to serve the larger Kidfarmacos and Mega- Nderi road area,Mai ai ihii and to another tank at Gwa-Gichuru with a pipeline Kikuyu to Kinoo.Muthiga water project will also be rehabilitated and an additional tank constructed.Another two 2-boreholes have been done at Riu-nderi and a 96m3 tank done at Karai day with a pipeline of 4.5 km to serve Nyakumu ,Kiore,Nairobi ndogo and Kariie.We are also exploring additional connectivity and boreholes to cover the Lower Nachu, Ndiguini and Gatune.
From Schools to our Neighborhoods we Remain #Focused_on_Development_and_Delivery.
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