• 29 Feb 2024
  • Projects
  • Post by Media Team

Enhancing Access To Clean, Safe and Sufficient Water For Residents of Kikuyu Constituency

The Athi Water Works Agency has undertaken several water infrastructure development Projects in Kikuyu Constituency aimed at providing access in areas that face water scarcity challenges and augmenting supply in areas where demand has continually increased. One such project comprised the sinking and solarization of high yield boreholes at Ondiri Swamp and in Riu, Gikambura. This highly ambitious project was financed by the African Development Bank through a budget kitty that was facilitated by Kimani Ichung'wah when he was the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Budget and Appropriations Committee. The boreholes were meant to increase water supply to Kinoo, Kikuyu Town, Kidfarmaco, Gikambura, Mai-Ai-Ihii, Kamangu, Lusigetti and some parts of Sigona. All these areas have and continue to experience rapid rises in population owing to the development of modern road and other infrastructure, subsequently creating increased demand for water. The Kiambu County Government(KCG) was supposed to compliment the project by installing connectivity lines from these boreholes to the Karai Mixed Secondary School water tower, Gichuru’s high mast water tank near Sigona, the Kamangu water tank at Kamangu High School and the Kidfarmaco island tower. KCG is yet to install these last mile connectivity lines in some areas such as Muthiga and Kinoo that continue to grapple with recurrent water scarcity challenges. Athi Water Works Agency is currently implementing two water projects in Kikuyu; one in Nachu Secondary School and another in Nduma Primary School. Both projects comprise boreholes and water towers with 50 cubic meter storage capacities. Upon completion, these facilities will provide water to the schools and the surrounding communities. A connectivity line will be installed from Nduma Primary to Kanyanjara Secondary School to provide water to the institution, Kanyanjara Primary School and the residents of Kanyanjara. #focusedondevelopmentanddelivery