The establishment of the Constituencies Development Fund, Submission of Constituency Project Proposal and Types of Projects Financed by the CDF are all outlined in THECONSTITUENCIES DEVELOPMENT FUND

ACT, 2013 .AN ACT of Parliament to repeal and replace the Constituencies Development Fund

Act, 2007.

The ACT ensures that a specific portion of the national annual budget is devoted to the constituencies for the purpose of infrastructural development, wealth creation and in fighting against poverty at the constituency level.

According to the ACT, there is established a Board known as the Constituency Development Fund Board. The functions of this Board are;

(a) To ensure timely and efficient disbursement of

Funds to every constituency;

(b) To ensure efficient management of the Fund;

(c) To receive and discuss annual reports and returns from the constituencies;

(d) Ensure the compilation of proper records, returns and reports from the constituencies;

(e) Receive and address complaints and disputes and take any appropriate action;

(0 consider project proposals submitted from various constituencies in accordance with

The Act, approve for funding those projects proposals that are consistent with this Act and send funds to the respective constituency fund account of the approved projects;

(g) Perform such other duties as the Board may deem necessary from time to time for the proper management of the Fund.

Disbursement from the Fund

. (1) Each and every disbursement from the Fund is approved and minuted by the Board.

(2) All disbursements from the Fund are for specific projects as submitted by the constituencies in accordance with the procedures outlines in this Act.

(3) All disbursements are made through constituency bank accounts maintained for every constituency in accordance with section 42 of the Act.

(4) Notwithstanding the pt. (visions of subsection (3), payments for a joint project as outlined in section 23 (4) or a joint procurement, may be made directly to a supplier orb an account established for the purpose with due approval of the Board.

(5) The record of the amounts received by each constituency and the record of expenditure of amounts so received are submitted to the Board within thirty days after the close of the relevant financial year together with a copy of the relevant bank statements and no disbursements for the • succeeding financial year shall be made into the accounts until the said records are duly received

(6) The Board sets out general conditions and requirements for release of funds, to ensure efficient and effective management of resources.

(7) The Board imposes reasonable requirements, including restrictions, on a particular constituency and such restrictions or requirements are reported together with the monthly returns to be submitted to the Cabinet Secretary in accordance with this Act.


The list of proposed constituency based projects is submitted by the chairman of the CDF committee to the board after approval by the CDFC (Constituency Development Fund Committee) for that constituency.

According to the ACT the list of proposals for the projects is submitted to the Board in the month determined by the Cabinet secretary in order to ensure timely inclusion in the annual government budget of a particular financial year.

Criteria for Projects.

Types of projects submitted for funding should comply with the provisions of the ACT. Projects under this ACT are community based.

Funding under this ACT shall be either for a complete project or a defined phase. The funds shall not be used for the purpose of supporting political bodies or political activities or for supporting religious bodies or religious activities.

The Constituency Development Fund Committee makes the appropriate consultation with the relevant Government departments to ensure the cost estimates for the project are as realistic as possible.

Development Fund Committee for each constituency tables a list of the projects for that constituency at the meeting of the County Projects Committee convened for that purpose and the said list is also submitted to the County Assembly in order to align the said projects with the County’s Development Plans and Policies.

The County Projects Committee ensures that no duplication of projects occur particularly where it is prudent to combine effort s on projects designed to benefit a large section or sector of a community traversing several constituencies in a County.


It comprises:

(a) The national government official at the constituency as may be designated by the

Cabinet Secretary or an alternate;

(b) Three men nominated by the ward development committees and one of whom shall be a youth at the date of appointment;

(c) Three women nominated by the ward development committees and one of whom is a youth shall be a youth at the date of appointment;

(d) One person with disability nominated by the ward development committees;

(e) One person nominated from among the active Non-Governmental Organizations in the constituency;

The CDFC ranks the projects in order of priority for the purpose of funds allocation.

Implementation of the Projects

Projects are implemented by the Project Management committee. The CDFC and the Board are responsible for monitoring the implementation of the projects and submit a report on the ongoing projects to the ward administrator and the County Projects Committee.

All works and services related to the projects according to the ACT are procured in accordance with the provisions of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005.