Determined Transformation; Corporate Partnerships

Last Friday the 18th March 2016, we were at Kerwa Water Project (Kiroe site) commissioning a Corporate partnership to provide water solutions to our people in Sigona ward. Accompanied by the Country Director- Amref and the Corporate Director -EABL,We commissioned the first phase of a project to construct a 100,000Litres reservoir tank and provide a piping network of over 4Kms,rehabilitate another existing water tank reservoir (at a cost of Kshs

Budget Proposal For Financial Year 2015/2016

NACHU WARD No. Projects Amount  1 Njumbi primary School- To purchase lockers for pupils 400,000  2 Kandutura Primary School – Purchase of lockers 400,000  3 Lusigetti Senior High School-Converting 2 classrooms into a laboratory 2,000,000  4 Kamangu Primary School – Classroom renovation i.e Painting, Plastering and  fixing doors and windows 2,000,000  5 Nachu Primary School- Construction of a new administration block 2,500,000  6 Rengutti Primary School- Classrooms renovation 3,500,000  7

Nachu High School-Phase Two

The balance of KES 1,600,000 after constructing two modern classrooms during the financial year 2013/2014 went into construction of the administration block and in the financial year 2014/2015 KES 2,000,000 was allocated for the construction of a modern laboratory.