Project Updates

Kikuyu Township Primary School

    Kikuyu Township is a boarding and day primary school located at the heart of Kikuyu town. Due to the increasing number of pupils who board they were short of  space and they approached CDF for funding. In the Financial year 2012/2013 KES 1,000,000 and 2013/2014 KES 2,000,000 was apportioned for the construction of the second floor of the dormitory. In the financial year 2014/2015 the same project has been allocated KES

Projects Handed Over To New Kikuyu CDFC Per Ward For The Financial Year – 2012/2013

List of all the projects funded by the CDF per ward for the financial year 2012/2013   PROJECT NAME AMOUNT WARD 1 Ondiri Rumwe Water project 1,000,000 Kikuyu 2 Kikuyu Township Primary School 1,000,000 Kikuyu 3 Kidfarmaco Primary School 1,000,000 Kikuyu 4 Thogoto AP Post 500,000 Kikuyu 5 Thogoto Primary School 500,000 Kikuyu 6 Kinoo Town Roads 2,000,000 Kinoo 7 Gikambura Health Centre 4,000,000 Karai 8 Fr. Kevin Carrey High

Gazzeted Uwezo Fund Committee Members

  Constituency Name: Kikuyu  Date:   Here is a list of members that constitute the Uwezo Fund committee along with their contact information. NO NAME CATEGORY POSITION CONTACTS Elias G. Kithaura Sub- County Commissioner or Representative Deputy County Commissioner 0727 328800     Charity Gathoni Mwangi Sub-County Development Officer or Representative Sub County Commissioner 0721 316553     Teresa Wando Sub-County Accountant Sub County Accountant 0721 125888     Maureen