Migumoini Water Project

  In the year 2012/2013, KES 1,117,027 was allocated to the project. The funds were used to complete the concrete water tank, to purchase and lay water distribution pipes from the borehole to the tank. The balance of the funds was used to construct a steel elevated water tank tower at the borehole site  

Nachu Chief’s Office

Construction of chiefs office for Nachu location was initiated by the Kikuyu CDF . This project was allocated a total of  Ksh. 1,354,302.60 in the financial year 2013/2014 for the construction-laying foundation, walling, roofing ,fixing doors , construction of an exhaustible toilet and eventual completion.

Karai Youth Polytechnic

A prominent Vocational Institution in Nachu Ward Kikuyu constituency. The Institution offers various courses that require practical classes. The school therefore required a workshop for the learning of the technical courses where the students can carry out various experiments and practice the theories they learn in the classes. CDF provided financial assistance to help construct the classrooms to accommodate the growing number of students in the institution. In the year