Kidfarmaco Primary School

The number of pupils in the school is growing every year due to its improving performance.The school required to construct more classes to accommodate the growing number and also because the existing ones were dilapidated. During the financial year  2012/2013,KES 1,500,000 was allocated by CDF for construction of two classes and the classes are now complete.  

Kiawamagira Road

Kiawamagira road is in Kikuyu ward and it leads to most of the homes in Kikuyu. The photo above shows how it used to flood during rainy seasons making it hard for the residents to carry out their day to day activities. In the financial year 2013/2014 CDF allocated 3,700,000 for murraming, grading, spot gravelling and construction of a drainage system and KES 400,000 for flood mitigation structures

Ondiri Rumwe Water Project

Ondiri Rumwe water  is a fully funded project by CDF and was allocated KES 1,000,000 in the financial year 2012/2013  for construction of a concrete water tank tower & purchase of water tank in the same financial year .The project was completed and handed over to the Ondiri authority to ensure sufficient supply water to the society.  

Thirime Primary School

For the financial year 2012/2013 KES 500,000 was apportioned for renovation of classes  including painting, fixing window panes and carpeting in the school. The work was completed. In the financial year 2014/2015 KES 1,000,000 was allocated to the same school for the rehabilitation of the classes( plastering, keying, wiring and flooring).