Kanyanjara Water Pan Dam

Last week Friday, we visited Kanyanjara sub location while distributing relief food to residents in the area who have been affected by the current food shortage problem in the country. This was a short term response to the problem. Today, we have come back to commission a long term solution, the construction of a water pan Dam with a carrying capacity of 10,000 cubic meters that will enable residents of

Tender Announcement

Kikuyu NG-CDF  invites you to an Open Tender Exercise. Download tender forms in the links below. Duly filled forms should be dropped in the tender box at Kikuyu NG-CDF office on or before 21st Feb 2017 at 9.30am. KIKUYU NATIONAL GOVERNMEN2- HGM KINOO PRIMARY KIKUYU NATIONAL GOVERNMENT- KINOO POLICE POST

Kerwa Police Post

In the financial year 2016/2017 Kerwa  Police post project was allocated Kshs. 1,500,000 for construction of 3 Administration Police Quarters (Laying foundation, walling, roofing and plastering) to beef up security in the area and its environs.