Njumbi Primary School

In the financial year 2015/2016 Njumbi primary school was allocated Kshs 4,400,000 for construction of four classrooms (laying foundation, walling , plastering and roofing) and renovation of ten classrooms and a library (Flooring, plastering, fixing doors and windows, guttering and construction of verandah). Kshs 400,000 for purchase of 100 lockers and chairs. The face of this schools has totally changed compared to how it looked before.

PCEA Church of the Torch,Thogoto

An 86-year-old marvel designed by Scottish architect Bernard P Gaymer, built to ease weight off the adjacent Watson Memorial chapel. The year was 1898 when Thomas Watson arrived and settled in Thogoto.  It is a Presbyterian denomination headquartered in kikuyu Kenya.   When the mission was handed over to the Church of Scotland, God continued to use it for the building up of a company of believers among the Kikuyu

PCEA Kikuyu Hospital

The Hospital was founded by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa .It as two major units; the Orthopedic and Eye unit. The Orthopedic Unit This modern and well-equipped unit is located in the outskirts of Nairobi and specializes in rehabilitative orthopedic surgery for persons with Physical impairments and general orthopedics. Provides orthopedic, reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation for its clients.  It has an outreach/mobile clinic program that helps to educate, identify,

University of Nairobi, Kikuyu campus

Located in Kikuyu Constituency on the outskirts of Nairobi near Kikuyu town. It hosts the College of Education and External studies. College of Education and External Studies begun with the establishment of the Department of Extra-mural Studies in Makerere in 1953. The College offers a total of 58 programmes, ranging from certificate through diploma to degree level specializing in Education. These programmes cover a variety of disciplines and are offered

Presbyterian University of East Africa (PUEA)

An institution of higher education founded by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa.The Presbyterian University of East Africa (PUEA) is registered with the Ministry of Higher Education and the Commission for Higher Education (CHE). PUEA offers Certificate Diploma and Degree programmes in Computer Science, Theology; Business Administration Education; Health sciences; Hotel and Tourism; and Communication. It also offers the Master of Business Administration (MBA) post graduate degree. Contacts Main Campus- KIKUYU P.O. Box 387-00902 Kikuyu, Kenya Tel- 020 2

Alliance Girls High School

  Founded as the African Girls High School in 1948. It maintains strong ties with Alliance boys, its brother school. Alliance Girls’ High School is a national girls’ boarding school located Kikuyu town in Kiambu District, Kikuyu Constituency 20 km from Nairobi. It was the first institution of higher education for African girls in Kenya.  Alliance Girls’ High School prides in its academic prowess. It maintains a top 10 position in

Alliance Boys High School

Alliance High School popularly known as “Bush” was the first school in Kenya to offer secondary school education to Africans. It was founded on 1st March 1926 by the Alliance of Protestant Churches. Alliance boys is a boys only boarding only National high school  It  is situated in Kikuyu Constituency about 22 kilometers from Nairobi’s central business district. The school is very popular for its excellent performance every year in the National

Kenya Forest Research Institute (KEFRI)

The Kenya Forestry Research Institute was established in 1986 under the science and Technology Act (Chapter 250) to carry out research in forestry and related natural resources.  It is involved in exploiting opportunities and overcoming challenges for the development of Natural forests, farm forestry and plantation forestry. Their major head office is situated in Kikuyu Constituency, approximately 25 kilometers off the City of Nairobi Contacts Head office; Muguga off Nairobi-Nakuru