On 22nd January 2018, we joined the constituency education fraternity in a joint stakeholders meeting comprising of headteachers, B.O.M chairs, administration officers (Chiefs and ass. Chiefs), TSC officials, churches and judiciary representatives at Kikuyu township primary hall. Among the issues discussed included the implementation and dynamics of the free day secondary and primary education,achievement of 100% transition from primary to secondary schools from the current 70% in Kikuyu constituency, proper management and accountability of funds allocated to schools, and improving the quality of education in our constituency. Education is the single most powerful tool of transforming a nation and therefore emphasis on delivering the best to our children is key in moving our country forward.

Aggressive investment through CDF in our public schools saw Kikuyu constituency emerge position 1 in the County with a mean score of 253.88 up from the previous 245.74. Combined ranking of both public and private schools saw us emerge position 3 with a mean score of 280.03 Our high schools however, need to put extra effort to move our mean score from 5.112.