I Thank God to have returned home and got back to the service and business of Changing lives and Transforming Kikuyu.
Monday morning accompanied by partners from the EABL Foundation and Amref,we commissioned the Kerwa water project Tank and new borehole to be drilled at their second site.
We also donated Tents,plastic seats and carwash machines to five women, youth and men groups in Sigona ward.The income generating ventures of these groups will change the lives of their members by economically empowering them.
We also had occasion to inspect ongoing road works at Acre ithano hill and kerwa roads.
We remain committed to offering leadership that will not only Transform Kikuyu but will change Lives.
This is an area that has for years suffered acute water shortage and am glad over the last three years we now have drilled two new boreholes at Kerwa and Kanyanjara that will also serve Nduma area.We have also supported through CDF Thamanda Nguriunditu and Gacuthi water projects enhancing their capacity to supply more households with water directly impacting on the quality of life of the people.