As promised , the Jubilee administration is committed to Transforming Kenya and Changing Lives.
Kikuyu is at the forefront in this endeavor. Having benefitted from the Transformational Infrastructure projects that we commissioned with H.E The President, this afternoon(18th August 2016) we held a meeting with Kerra, Hon Kiragu , Hon Koinange and the Shengli Contractor at the Contractor’s site office on employment opportunities for our people and the construction work plan including remedial patchwork on the Thogoto -Renguti section.Immediately we were able to get for Kikuyu constituency slots of laboratory technicians and mechanics (which we only had one each applicant in our file ).Other opportunities will develop as the Contractor mobilises more equipment after the testing phase.
I will as always encourage qualified and skilled youth to provide us with their CVs as we look out for all available opportunities.
We Continue on the Transformation path