When it comes to the issue of accessibility good and passable roads are very important. The people of Sigona especially Kanyanjara area know this all too well. A while back, the road adjacent to Kanyanjara primary school was impassable especially when the rains came. The children and teachers could not make it to school on rainy day due to the impassable state of the road. The children of the school can now access the school regardless of the weather.
With the great lobbying skills that our MP Kimani Ichung’wah has, he was able to procure emergency funds to save the people of Kanyanjara and even neighboring Limuru to Broti from the suffering. A photo here shows the state of the road before its rehabilitation and its current state.
Other Ongoing works include the Kanyanjara shopping center to kwa Muranga road. The contractor has already brought the materials on site and will soon spread, grade and compact them so that the road can be improved.
The Acre ithano road that had several issues arising from it is also ongoing was being compacted today (14/07/2016). The contractor was instructed to redo the work when it was noticed that his previous work was not up to par. This is a very important road as it directly connects Kerwa shopping center to the Nairobi Naivasha highway.
Another ongoing road is Acre Ithano to Kerwa road that has been in a really bad state due to the dust on the road is also under rehabilitation. The culverts are already constructed and today

(14/07/2016) they were finishing up on the culvert at Kwa Kagure. Tomorrow (15/07/2016) work will commence to spread the stones and grade them, afterwards the compacting begins.