Last Friday the 18th March 2016, we were at Kerwa Water Project (Kiroe site) commissioning a Corporate partnership to provide water solutions to our people in Sigona ward.
Accompanied by the Country Director- Amref and the Corporate Director -EABL,We commissioned the first phase of a project to construct a 100,000Litres reservoir tank and provide a piping network of over 4Kms,rehabilitate another existing water tank reservoir (at a cost of Kshs 4.8M ) supported by our partnership with the EABL Foundation and Amref.
The second phase of this project will involve the drilling and equipping of a new borehole at this site.
Despite the new challenges to CDF now barred (by law) from committing funds to such devolved functions such as water provision, We remain faithful to our True Transformation agenda, Changing lives by providing clean water to homes across the constituency.
We shall continue to secure and build such Transformational partnerships with Corporate sponsors and other donors in this endevour to remain TRUE to our calling to Serve God through faithful service to His People.We are pursuing support for completion of Mbomboini water-Nachu and Gaitumbi water- Kinoo.
In the same ward, We have commissioned works from funds we secured from the roads Ministry’s Elnino emergency fund to rehabilitate the Acre Ithano-Kaduma-Kanyanjara road whose works are ongoing.Similar road works are also ongoing at mai ai ihii Pcea -Kanyethi road.