Our Transformation agenda for Kikuyu Constituency is paying off with Kikuyu SubCounty Public schools now being ranked position one in the County.Three years ago, we embarked on a Transformational agenda to improve our schools performance by aggressively investing in education to Change lives.As we continue with this agenda,we are surely reaping the benefits. On 26th Feb 2016, I attended a stakeholders Education consultative meeting with parents and teachers from 15 public schools at Gichuru Sec sch accompanied by Hon Kimani Ngunjiri-Bahati MP.

Monday 29th Feb and 2nd March 2016 we have been with Kenha and the southern bypass engineers and contractors addressing the myriad of pending concerns of the bypass project such as the tarmacking of the Muguku-Steel rolling to Sigona nameless road,the Gitaru junction, drainage, Service and access roads at Kikuyu and mai ai ihii as well as footbridges. Today, we walked the entire stretch from Kiawamagira to Ondiri with the team taking stock of all residents’ concerns.
Later this evening, I attended a “townhall” residents meeting at Gaitumbi village to address development issues especially the Kerra road works blocked in court by the Kiambu county government as residents suffer.
Together, let’s continue Transforming Kikuyu and Changing lives.