In the past week I witnessed first-hand the energy, zeal and determination of our youth to Transform and Change Lives.
In Kinoo last Wednesday I  joined Omondi who had been assaulted by a police officer at his mandazi kiosk and we have been pursuing justice for him from the highest offices of the police Service. The young men rise at 4:30am every morning for this trade in mandazis that they distribute to kiosks, shops and hotels.
In Kikuyu ward, a team of energetic youth volunteers have for weeks done what the county govt has failed to do for years. They have given their time and energy to clean up the town’s drains and last Saturday I joined this team led by Willy Kay D H and coordinated by James Kamau.
In Sigona the Nderi Youth Group ,The Usafi youth Group from Thogoto and Kidi Carwash group, all benefitted from carwash machines that I got as a donation from Kenya Breweries Foundation to support youth Entrepreneurship especially those from Kidi that has recovering former alcoholics.
These young men are our heroes. They are our strength, OUR FUTURE.