From Thursday last week in the evening we began our raid on the banned licensed and illegal wines and spirits dens and production units across Kikuyu.Thursday evening we started off at Wakaroris in Kikuyu town and Makutano area on my family’s building where we took away all illicit second generation spirits that were destroyed at Jevanjee on Sunday 12:30pm as the raid was at night with crowds wanting to snatch the drinks for consumption,something we ensured never happened in our raids as the campaign is to get rid of the brews as directed by the President not a free for all looting and drinking spree.I am proud we led an orderly and hooliganism free three and half days exercise before the unfortunate Kikuyu incident Tuesday.
Friday morning we commenced the raids in Kinoo joined by the area chiefs and MCA Evans Kanithi,later proceeded to Nachu and Karai wards where we were equally joined by the ward MCAs and raided several outlets and homes where the drinks had been hidden.Saturday we were in Nderi and KERWA areas where we closed one factory that was manufacturing dangerous illicit brews disguised as Muratina.We later that evening raided and closed a second factory at Kikuyus steel rolling area where we confiscated and destroyed two truck loads of raw materials and packaging materials that were burnt at the railways field next to Kega garments on Saturday night.
Sunday following tip offs by patriotic members of the public we raided homes in Rimu Nderi village,Kaduma,KERWA and Mai ai ihii where we destroyed over 2000 cartons of the spirits.I later led the destruction of all the spirits captured on Thursday night at Kikuyus Jevanjee after verification by a team of community leaders that all drinks captured were intact and in the presence of the owners for transparency and accountability.I later left the country together with the Deputy President that afternoon for Malawi.
I take this opportunity to thank all the members of the public who joined us in this exercise,the chiefs who were co-operative and effective with special mention to Asst Chief Kimemia Muthiga sub location,MCA Kinoo ward Evans Kanithi, MCA Waihumbu whom we walked together for miles to Kiahiti,Ndacha and Lusegetti dens,MCA John Magua who was crucial in the raids at Mai ai ihii and homes in Gikambura where brews were hidden .The four days fight is not enough and we must all collectively take up the role of being our “Nations Keeper” and save a generation by being informers ,whistle blowers,and custodians of the law.
I will ensure we further strengthen the existing laws and act swiftly on all public officers that abbet the production ,sale and consumption of illicit brews or other permitted alcohol outside the allowed timings by law.