From my work in the U.S where i am leading a Kenyan delegation,i have kept abreast of the progress of various development projects back home via technology.I am also glad and very grateful to His Excellency the President Uhuru Kenyatta who today assented to the Alcoholic Drinks Amendment Bill of 2014 ,a bill that i sponsored and introduced in the house to deal with the alcohol problem in our beloved Country.The Bill which is now law seeks to among other things recognise alcoholism as a disease and alcohol use disorders as defined by WHO shall be recognised as disorders in Kenya,it also will ensure NACADA is more actively engaged in establishment of rehabilitation centres for alcoholics,educate the public and conduct awareness campaigns on alcoholism,and most importantly contain illicit brews consumption by offering duty remission of 90% on beer made from Sorghum,cassava ,Millet grown in Kenya.This will also encourage the growth of these traditional crops now as cash crops in the production of such cheaper and hygienically processed beer.In a great way also developing our Agricultural production and food security besides creating employment opportunities for thousands of our people.