On 18th April 2015 I was at the Kikuyu Constituency Education(KICE) Foundation award ceremony for term two school fees scholarships for the 120 plus beneficiaries under the foundation and a successful mentoring session with the students facilitated by professionals in the KICE Board.My wife an accomplished banker was among the speakers at this forum.
We continue to impact and change lives Transforming Kikuyu and Kenya through this foundation.
I later joined the Sigona Ward bodaboda operators at the launch ceremony of their sacco and had a great session with them,very educative and interactive. On 19th April 2015 I was at the mai ai ihii water project commissioning and general meeting and in the week attended a funeral of the late Geoffrey accompanied by Nairobi Senator Sonko and two other MPs Olkalau’s Hon.Waiganjo and Hon.Theuri Embakasi whom i later hosted for lunch at the new Kilimo Grand Resort Thogoto-Kikuyu.