As we rise this morning back home,all the way from Sacramento ,California, I am overly Thankful to the almighty for giving me a chance to lead a GREAT people.This afternoon the Cabinet Secretary Agriculture accompanied by the Presidential advisor on food security will be visiting Kikuyu’s Ndeiya regions of Nachu and Karai,Thigio to Limuru on a food security Programme evaluation that we discussed months ago to provide sustainable food security for this region and end the cycle of relief food dependency.The Programme includes infrastructure like water pans for agricultural irrigation, boreholes,seeds and fertilizer provisions to resident farmers.I thank God for this opportunity and more so for the team led by the CS and Dr Nyoro for this God send opportunity.After the surveys are done a launch of the Programme will be done courtesy of the National government.This is in pursuit of our shared Vision of Transforming Kikuyu /Kenya and Changing lives .
Two, I THANK God that even from this distant land across the seas,the Great people of Kikuyu continue serving each other with diligence and unrivaled commitment.I am continuously getting updates from our project management teams and administration on the progress of projects and other going-ons in Kikuyu.(Who said we couldn’t govern via Skype!) …He didn’t know we would use it and all other technology including WhatsApp through which I am getting uptodate pics of projects progress as posted here….Thank GOD too for technology.Have a fruitful day guys!!& GOD BLESS YOU ALL.Tuendelee Kusonga mbele pamoja.