Friends,I am HONOURED and greatly Humbled to be the people’s servant in this Great Constituency which together we shall TRANSFORM and Change Lives.Tuesday morning in Nyeri we shall receive an award for our sustained and focused investment in water projects ranking second nationally.Meanwhile,I left the country last Saturday night to attend the prestigious IVLP(international Visitor Leadership Program) of the U.S government’s State Department having been nominated by the U.S State Department as one of the only two Members of Parliament from Subsaharan Africa in this program attended by over 330 current and former heads of state and governments around the world in its’ 75years of existence.The Program’s Theme and reason for my nomination is ACCOUNTABILITY IN GOVERNMENT.On this first day i share with you a few highlights of the program sessions today at the Graduate School USA in Washington D.C. as I Thank God ,The great people of Kikuyu (who gave me this opportunity to serve them and to whom this Honour and nomination i dedicate) and you all my friends and supporters who believe in me,support me,encourage me and pray for me even in the face of adversity,envy and hate by those who are NON BELIEVERS in Accountability and Transparency.To the non believers and all haters ,thank you too for emboldening me to soldier on and fight for what is RIGHT.To those who still think we are “Test-tube politicians”,i thank God the world had been watching and appreciates our fight for Accountability and this nomination vindicates our position.We say the new world order calls for Accountable and Transparent governments.This new order is what we represent ,it is what we stand for.It is this that DRIVES us,it is this that defines us,It is this that makes us who we are! We cannot change and seek to be experienced politicians of the old order of looting public coffers,We will remain faithful to the CAUSE and we know we are doing what is Right;That which we have been called to do.Change is coming and you CANNOT change that,You may have to be the ones to CHANGE and adopt the Right governance ,BE ACCOUNTABLE and TRANSPARENT and together we will walk and work to make Kikuyu,Kiambu and Kenya better!.I stand with my head high that our investments in water has results,our investments in Healthcare,in infrastructure and Education are all calculated to achieve results.Modestly,we are reaping from these investments and we shall steadily Transform Kikuyu and Change lives.
God Bless you all