Last week I attended two very distinct funerals.One of an elderly 84 year old the late Mrs Ndonye in Kikuyu town whom I knew very well as we attend the same church and are family friends of many years.The second was in Muthiga Kinoo ward of the late Zacharia who was killed in Mandera.

He was middle aged and a father to school going children whom he was working hard miles away from home in order to cater for their needs.He is gone and the children are now orphans.The terrorists never considered his right to life,the now orphaned children’s rights to parental care.

The right to life is to me the most fundamental of all human rights and freedoms amongst those enshrined in the bill of rights.The terrorist never cares about these rights.The activists and political class want me to consider other secondary rights of terrorists before that fundamental right to life guaranteed to all Kenyans.I have refused.

I will stand up for a peaceful ,secure and prosperous Kenya. I will stand with millions of Kenyans who want a secure country.i will vote for the security bill which 99.9% is guaranteeing is a better country. I believe no right is absolute except that of the right to life.Spare me the political noise and activism.i w
ill do it for Kenya.