Below is the step by step process that a project has to go through starting from submission to the final stage of the process.

  1. Submission of the project proposal from the community
  2. Approval of the proposal by the community and barazas
  3. Ratification of the project proposal by the Constituency Development Fund Committee (CDFC)
  4. Submission of the Project Proposal to Constituency Development Fund (CDF)Board
  5. Approval of the proposal at the CDF Board
  6. Preparation of Bills of Quantity (BQ) by the relevant line ministries
  7. Procurement by Project Management Committee (PMC)
  8. Evaluation of procurement by the CDF committee
  9. Release of funds to project
  10. Project is implemented directly by the PMC
  11. PMC submits implementation returns to the CDF Head office
  12. CDF in conjunction with PMC hands over complete project to the relevant line Ministries
  13. Final returns are made to the CDF Board
  14. Auditing of the Project.