Due to the new bypass under construction there are various promising opportunities along the bypass. These businesses which include restaurants and business facilities that will soon be constructed in various centers along the bypass. These centers are Dagorretti, Thogoto, Kikuyu and Gitaru.

So far the buildings for these establishments are in their initial stages of sketching and building of foundations. Kikuyu constituency has great proximity to the main Capital city providing ready market for Businesses in the Constituency.

Most of the businesses in the constituency are sole proprietorship due to the economic infancy of Kikuyu. They are ran by the Businessmen and their close family and sometimes they can incorporate a few employees (When the business grows big enough). For the same reason financing is mainly personal and short term loans from the various cooperative  societies that have recently grown in large numbers in the area.

The rates of interest offered by the “chamas” are favorable and more appealing to the community. The reason for this low interests in because they are being established with the purpose of bringing development to the members of society. The cooperative societies also assist the members establish businesses for themselves and go as far as search for the market.

This has promoted self employment in the region especially among the women and the youth who have taken keen interest in these societies. Although the businesses are being started on a small scale due to limited capital they have a lot of potential and promise to be large profitable businesses in the near future.

The large population of establishments in the region is MPESA agent shops and grocery shops. This is due to the ease of initial start up capital and also the growing demand among the people. However due to the various developments by this large mobile network the MPESA business will soon diminish cause of the self sufficiency of the product.

In Kikuyu you will find a large variety of businesses both in size and the services offered. For instance the large businesses in the area include the financial institutions which offer different product and services to their customers according to various tastes and preferences. For the small scale businesses we have the “mama mboga”businesses that is also income generating.