My Mission is to offer transformational leadership to the people of Kikuyu that will impact directly on the lives of each one of us, creating an environment where all available resources are professionally managed, harnessed and mobilised to empower the youth, women and the poor in the Constituency; guaranteeing an environment where each and every individual enjoys an equal opportunity of growth,  development and economic prosperity and ensuring the people are well educated, economically empowered, socially stable and united by a covenant to focus on the agenda of Development.
My Vision is to transform Kikuyu into a truly Developed and Prosperous Model Constituency that will be a yardstick for the professional
management of public office & resources in Kenya; where every individual has an equal opportunity to develop and prosper.Continuous Education Support since 2008Thamanda-Nguriu Nditu Water Projects supportRenguti Water Projects support



I am a youthful Kenyan professional who was born some 35-36 years ago and brought up in Gikambura Village of Karai Location in what
is now Kikuyu Constituency. As a young boy, i was enrolled at the Kikuyu Model Nursery school, then operated by the Kiambu County
Council. I then joined Kikuyu Township Primary School from where i proceeded to join the Alliance High school where i left in 1994.
Early 1995, i proceeded to Strathmore’s school of Accounting for my Accounting (CPA) studies. In 1996, i joined the University of Nairobi
graduating with an Honours degree in Economics in the year 2000. I also enrolled for and studied a diploma course in Banking and Finance
after i completed my CPA’s qualifying as a CPA-K while still in my 2nd year at the University and am currently enrolled to the Executive
MBA Programme for a Masters degree.


Upon graduation, i worked with DiverseyLever E.A Ltd, then a fully owned subsidiary of the multinational Unilever Plc of London. I
have also worked for Madison Insurance as a Senior Accountant in charge of General and Medical Insurance Divisions and the Standard
Group Ltd as Head of Treasury and deputising the group Financial  Controller before joining SafexAfrica Ltd as Director of Finance and
Administration in 2008.


As a University student, i aggressively participated in the struggle for a new Kenya during the second liberation struggles that culminated
in the enactment of the IPPG reforms and eventually the recently enacted new Constitution which i also aggressively campaigned for
across the Constituency in 2010.
In 2007, i sort to ‘’be the change that i wanted to see ‘’in Kikuyu and i offered myself for election as MP, i lost and the rest is history.
Since losing however, i have engaged myself in various development initiatives and have had a special passion in Educational support
and others that were part of my published ‘’Vision and Agenda for prosperity and development’’(which was the only campaign manifesto
that was published in 2007).
Background of my Candidature;
My Candidature was born out of a desire ‘’to be the change that i desire to see’’ in Kikuyu.
It was born out of the pain and frustration that we all feel, when we see things that ought
to be done NOT being done, when we realise that public funds allocated to us are not utilised
transparently and in an accountable manner to truly impact on the lives of our people, When
we see generation after generation of our young people waste away in unemployment
subsequent frustrations leading to alcoholism and drug abuse,When hundreds of needy and
deserving students miss out on bursary and educational support that would otherwise be
their foundation to a better future,When our people suffer for lack of affordable healthcare and
Crime rules our neighborhoods;And KNOWING all too well,that in Constituencies where public
affairs are managed in a prudent and professional manner,things are different. I believed and i
do Believe; THAT we deserve better and we can get better.
Remembering the words of Haile Selassie ,’’That Throughout history, it has been the inaction
of those who could have acted; The indifference of those who know better and the silence of
the voice of justice when it matters the most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph.’’…i
decided to act, Not to be indifferent, and Not to remain silent ;if Only to ensure that no more
‘’evil’’ triumphs in Kikuyu.
I am confident with your support in the coming elections, Together; We can actualise this
Vision by you as a voter affording me this opportunity to offer you that leadership that
will instill professionalism in the conduct of public affairs and put to an END the ‘’evils’’ of
underdevelopment and Poverty; Leadership that will ensure Development and Prosperity
triumphs in Kikuyu.

In this pursuit of triumph for the people of Kikuyu, i seek to be your Constituency teamLeader, offering my professional Financial and managerial skills to serve the people of Kikuyu

in managing their resources proffessionally.
I seek to offer to you, Leadership that will be clearly focussed on a brighter and more
prosperous future for each and every person in Kikuyu.
I hope to redefine political leadership from the ordinary Politician who thinks only of the next
elections, and be that leader who thinks of the next generation.
This Leader as John Kotter,descibes ,’’Is One who will establish the vision for the future and
set the strategy for getting there; One who will cause change. One who will motivate and
inspire others to go in the right direction and who, along with everyone else, will sacrifice to
get there.”…
I seek an opportunity to establish this Vision for the future, to cause change, to motivate and
inspire each one of us in Kikuyu and i am confident,working Together, we will get there with
the sacrifices we make.
I believe; For there to be change, we must all make sacrifices and leave our comfort zones,
For my generation and future generations, i offer to sacrifice the comfort zone of a private life
,of a successful private sector career for a public life that will allow me to fulfill the greater
purpose that i believe God has for me, as put by Rick Warren.., “The purpose of your life is far
greater than you own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, or even your happiness. It’s far
greater than your family, your career, or even your wildest dreams and ambitions.”….I now seek
to pursue that Greater purpose by offering my skills and professionalism in the leadership of
our Constituency.
My Leadership and this Vision will be anchored around the following key Governance, Social
and economic pillars ;-
Educational Support Mechanisms;- I recognise and value Education as a key ingredient
to development and economic growth. I appreciate Education as that ‘all important’
cornerstone to sustainable development of a people and as such,i will continue with my
work in educational support to individual children (as i have been doing over the last five
years) and schools in general by committing more funds to this sector and immediately
setting up an additional education support fund to supplement the government’s
bursary funds. This fund will be set up within the first 6-months of my leadership and
i will commit a fraction of my own salary towards this fund. I will also aggressively
invest in the development of our schools especially in equipping our schools to uplift the
standards of Education in Kikuyu as well as ensuring fairness and transparency in the
award of bursaries to students across the Constituency.
Economic Empowerment;- My Vision is one of development and prosperity. For us to realise
this ,We must ensure that a majority of our people are engaged in productive economic
activities that will stimulate development in our Constituency and the people’s individual
prosperity. I therefore intend to aggressively market the Constituency as a preferred
investment destination for both local and foreign investors, Lobby and promote probusiness
policies that will encourage and promote entrepreneurship , support of locals
in sourcing for affordable financing for their businesses and other economic activities.
Employment and Wealth creation;- Meaningful and gainful employment is a key ingredient to
the development of a people and as your MP, i will aggressively lobby for the employment
of our youth in government agencies such as the armed forces and parastatals while
also networking with other private sector Corporations to employ our people including
offering internship and mentorship programmes for our young college graduates. We
shall also promote alternative channels of employment and wealth creation through
entrepreneurship support by offering training and access to affordable and cheap
financing models that would enable our youth , women and other Enterpreneurs to
engage in the establishment of cottage industries, Agri-business(such as greenhouse
farming,poultry,dairy cattle and pig rearing) as well Agri-processing of products such as
milk, poultry, beef and horticultural products that will create employment and generate
wealth in Kikuyu.
Infrastructural Development;- Despite the government availing hundreds of Millions in
devolved funds such as the Constituency roads board fund, CDF, Constituency Economic
Stimulus Package(ESP )funds, LATF ,etc, the state of our infrastructure in roads, Water
supply Systems, Public schools and Healthcare largely remain in deplorable conditions
while in some areas,such vital infrastructure is lacking.
I will as your MP guarantee that all these infrastructural development funds are utilised
in the correct projects as prioritised by the people and that the funds are utilised with
utmost transparency and accountability.
I firmly commit to offer leadership that guarantees this accountability to ensure that we
derive maximum benefits in the uplift and maintenance of our infrastructure which is key
to economic development and i will immediately upon taking office, set up a three-year
Marshall plan for development and modernisation of infrastructure in Kikuyu.
During this period, numerous infrastructural development projects will be initiated
covering the entire constituency on roads, bus parks, sewerage and drainage systems,
Modern markets, schools and health facilities. These projects will be done by locals who
will be awarded such construction contracts creating employment opportunities and
construction materials will also be supplied locally by our own people creating wealth for
Youth Empowerment ;-Sport and Talents development;- A majority of our youth are very
talented in Sports and the Arts including Music and drama. However, many of them have
lacked the opportunities to fully exploit these talents and my leadership as your MP will
work towards empowerment of our Youth to fully exploit such talents and derive gainful
employment from such talents. I will closely work with private Sector companies to
increasingly offer sponsorship to Sporting and Talents development programmes within
the Constituency while also guaranteeing that we invest funds into the development of
youth empowerment centres across the Constituency.
Accountability and Transparency;- I will offer leadership that will be Accountable to the
people in all respects and Transparent in the utilisation of all public resources such
as CDF,LATIF, Bursary and all other devolved funds including those from the County
Democratic and responsive Leadership;- I will endeavour to create and expand democratic
space in the conduct of public affairs,providing leadership that will be inclusive and
encourage participative democracy in decision making while remaining responsive and
faithful to the peoples’needs and aspirations.
Accessibility and Availability.;- I will offer servant leadership that will be accessible and
available to the people at all times, and will decentralise the MP’s office to the wards
level to ensure i serve the people from their locality.

The People’s

As a young professional, I have pledged to inject professionalism in the management of all
public resources including the CDF,LATF,HIV-AIDS Fund and Constituency Roads Board .etc
ensuring virtues of good leadership are institutionalised and corporate governance entrenched
in public affairs management to ensure that the devolved funds allocated to our Constituency
are utilised for the intended purpose and that the people gain maximum benefits from these
funds in a manner that will positively impact on our lives.
• I Commit to ensure that those leading/managing these devolved funds are men and
women of unquestionable integrity who will serve their constituents faithfully without
allegiance to an individual or for political expendiency.
• I commit myself to ensure that all public funds are managed in a transparent and
accountable manner to benefit the constituency and NOT to enrich a few.
• I do have faith in the people of Kikuyu managing their own affairs and i am determined
to take leadership back to its’ true owners….the People!!! to manage their economic and
social development programmes without political patronage, without fear or favour;I will
therefore institutionalise a democratic and participative system of Governance where
together we shall formulate development strategies in the short ,medium and long term.
This process will be people driven such that the people will be consulted to prioritise
their immediate(short term),medium term and long term development agendas.
Once these are identified, Action plans will be formulated with clear objectives/Targets
agreed upon and set and it is against such set targets that i will seek to be evaluated on
a continuous basis to enhance Accountability on my part as your leader.
• I do also affirm my commitment to promote the direct involvement of the people
themselves in the management and audit of public resources and more so in the local
authorities and County government to ensure that services are delivered to the people
without wastage of public resources.
• All the Constituency development and welfare funds will also be devolved to the locational
and sub-locational level, such that each locational and sub-locational community will
have their share of funds to utilise according to their needs at that level.
• Establish satelite Constituency offices/Continuous Town Hall meetings;-
I will establish satellite constituency offices in each ward to enhance my accessibility to all
constituents and be a team leader who will work with the people in an open and democratic
system to implement the development projects that will be agreed upon with the people at
each sub-location and implement a feedback mechanism where we shall continuously engage
with the people in Continuous Townhall meetings to address and review our progress on a
bi-annual (every six months)basis;(not the usual run- back to the people only on the election
Given the people’s mandate to serve as the Constituency’s Team Leader, i intend to prioritise
the development agenda and to kick start a Grand-march towards development and
In this regard, My agenda will focus on aggressively investing in Education, Health, infrastructural
development, Employment creation, development of agriculture and Enterpreneurship through
the growth of a vibrant business community in each sub-location in the constituency as
the focal points of economic empowerment, poverty alleviation and social stability of the
My leadership anchored around these pillars and paying homage to our new
Constitutional provisions especially on devolved government, will strive to
achieve certain set- targets and goals as will be agreed upon with the people
through an open, inclusive and participatory democratic process of engagement,
now and into the future.
In this spirit of a democratic and Accountable leadership ,i seek what will be a
performance based contract with the people of Kikuyu.
Under this performance based contract, i will offer leadership that will remain
loyal and committed to the people and as such,in the focus areas detailed
below, i wish to make certain pledges and commitments; which I want you
as a voter to judge me against and hold me accountable for; after five years
as your MP in our performance based contract plus the others that we may
continuously agree upon with yourselves.
Despite a good Education being a principal foundation and firm pillar for development, the past
leadership in Kikuyu has greatly neglected the development of education over the years. This in
effect has worsened the levels of unemployment in the constituency, further entrenched the
poverty levels of our communities and had a spiral effect on the levels of crime and insecurity
in our neighbourhoods.
• That there has been very little or no effort to uplift the standards of education, improve
infrastructure or equip schools and this situation has worsened in the recent years
with the advent of free Tuition in public schools as infrastructure has largely not been
adequately catered for under this programme of free tuition leaving many schools in dire
need for infrastructure uplift to create a conducive learning environment of both our
Primary and Secondary schools in Kikuyu.
• That many children graduating from Primary schools in Kikuyu never make it to secondary
schools due to the limited spaces and stiff competition for the limited spaces and others
for lack of fees.
• That as a result of poverty,thousands of our students are losing great opportunities for
lack of Educational support programmes that would help them realise their dreams and
many deserving cases are never awarded the existing bursaries.
• Existing post secondary tertiary institutions and Polytechnics were ran down and
neglected, no new ones have been developed neither have the existing ones been
equipped with modern equipment that would offer training in skills that are relevant
• Thousands of our youthful children are going without post-secondary education and end
up “wasting away” at home as they are not trained in courses that can help them access
employment opportunities. Many are ending up idling at home and shopping centres
with consequent slipping away into crime, alcoholism and drug abuse.
• That less than 20 students make it to the public Universities in the entire constituency
with the exception of those from the Alliance high schools.
• That an entire generation of our children have had their lives wasted away as they have
only managed to attain inadequate elementary education.
This is a sorry state of affairs for a nation that
intends to be moving to the “2nd world” status by
the year 2030,Justifying the need for urgent and
quick intervention.
I therefore propose and commit myself to ensure
that all our children are empowered by giving
them the desired firm foundation of quality and
adequate education by intervening as follows;-
I Commit to;-
Set up a Constituency Education Endowment
Within Six months of taking office, i commit to institutionalise our continuous
Education support programme by setting up a Constituency Education Endowment
fund , guaranteeing a continuation of the work that we have been doing in education
support . This fund once established will solicit for additional support from well-to do
individuals, Well-wishers like our own professionals, the business community, Corporate
Organisations,Development Partners in Education and i will also commit a fraction of
my own salary to ensure we have adequate funds to cater for our needy children to
supplement the bursary funds allocated to the Constituency .
Uplift of the standards of Education/Centres of academic Excellence;-
To aggressively invest in Educational standards uplift in the Constituency by selecting
at least two schools per ward as Centres of Excellence which we shall then mobilise
resources to equip and furnish such schools with the objective of producing high
achievers at both KCPE and KCSE levels as well as establishing incentive schemes for
both students and Teachers to enhance performance across the Constituency’s schools
and guarantee our children access to quality education.
 Initiate a programme to equip/ improve and increase the number tertiary (postsecondary
school) and Technical institutions per location and /or sub location, to absorb
the high school graduates who do not make it to University and other middle level
colleges to give them skills that will make them economically productive

  • To ensure fairness and equitable distribution of bursaries ,such that all deserving

and vulnerable cases are catered for.Particular emphasis will be put to involve the
churches,Village elders and Other Social audit volunteers in the distribution of bursaries
to ensure that only deserving cases are awarded.
Develop/equip at least two-three public libraries in the Constituency and lobby publishers
and other well wishers to donate text books to our schools and libraries.
To develop/equip at least one polytechnic or modern tertiary college per location or
sub-location where necessary and modernise the existing ones to offer modern courses
relevant to today’s employment requirements enabling our youth who graduate from
high school access job-training opportunities that will equip them with skills that can
get them employment or equip them with skills to engage in viable business ventures.
To encourage and initiate discussions with existing public institutions such as the
Thogoto Teacher’s college, University of Nairobi’s Kikuyu Campus, to offer other
marketable Courses including the offering of day courses(non-boarding courses) that
will make higher education affordable to many locals.
• To closely work with the Presbyterian University College, University of Nairobi’s- Kikuyu
Campus and Thogoto College to admit locals from the Constituency in an affirmative
way by means of a quota system that will give higher preference to locals in admissions
as well as offering the day courses and evening classes for locals who need not board in
the institutions at affordable subsidised fees.
To elevate and increase the number of boarding schools especially for boys including
exploring the possibility of Converting the Dagorretti Approved School either to a boys
boarding high school or working with the County Government, Convert it into the
Kiambu County Medical training college that would train our young people to provide
manpower to hospitals within the County.
• Even with the government availing funds through CDF, Economic Stimulus Package
etc,little effort has been made to develop health centres and dispensaries in Kikuyu and
where effort had been made,they remain incomplete years after ground breaking.
• Many residents have got to travel long distances to access health care.
• Many residents are unable to afford medical care from private hospitals and
• The existing public dispensaries have for a long time been neglected,
• The public health facilities lack proper management and are dilapidated,
• These public dispensaries also suffer from lack of drugs and qualified personnel.
A healthy community will be critical in the drive towards a developed and prosperous
constituency and i therefore commit myself to ensure the following targets are achieved
under my leadership;-
• To mobilise and raise funds from donors, Corporate Organisations and NGO’s in health
care to invest in preventive healthcare initiatives in the Constituency.
• To mobilise funds for a Constituency Medical benevolent fund to aid the very needy
people with their healthcare burdens.
• To guarantee the people access to affordable and quality healthcare by equipping the
Dispensaries in each location/sub-location and closely work with Churches and other
religious groups by facilitating and aiding them to develop health centres/dispensaries
in their localities that will help in offering such affordable primary and preventive health
• To lobby the County and National governments to elevate some of our Health Centres
such as the Lussegetti Health centre which has adequate land into sub-district Hospital
and/or a District/referral hospital.
• To mobilise and set up a panel of qualified medical specialists/Consultants especially from
amongst our own professionals and friends who will be visiting the public dispensaries/
proposed referral hospital to be consulted for specialised medical cases at no charge to
• To Foster a closer relationship with the Kikuyu Mission Hospital-Thogoto by way of
Memorandums of Understanding and co-operation, to offer quality and affordable
healthcare to the Kikuyu Constituents referred from local dispensaries at concessionary
and affordable fees.
• To work with the County government,national Medical Institutions and our public
universities to establish a medical training college in the Constituency that will train
locals as medical staff such as nurses,laboratory technicians and Medical health Officers
who will serve in the dispensaries established in the locations and sublocations(Thus
also creating employment for our youth).
• To Work with leading Medical Insurance Cover providers to Develop a home grown Group
Insurance scheme that will offer affordable and subsidised medical Insurance cover for
inpatient cases to Kikuyu Constituents.
• Ensure that at least each location or sub-location where necessary has one well
equipped Health facility with Maternity care services to save Mothers from the long
distance travels to access maternity services.
• Assist Constituents to register and join the NHIF fund as contributors.
• To support our own youth to pursue courses in medical training that will guarantee
them employment as they will supply staff for the dispensaries in each location/sublocation
and in other County Hospitals.
• The state of our roads network is in a deplorable and sorry state,despite the Government
availing millions of shillings each year to the Constituency Roads Fund though the Kenya
Roads Board. Millions also are available from the local authority funds not to mention
CDF funds.
• Due to un-accountable leadership,the roads that are done have been the subject of
poor workmanship and substandard engineering works that have seen them revert to
their previous conditions within no time and after millions of tax payers money has gone
down the drain, a case example is the recently tarmacked Thogoto-Gikambura road and
many others in each Sublocation.
• Kikuyu has been left decades behind by other Constituencies in this nation where roads
and infrastructural development funds have been prudently used to improve their roads
• The leadership we have had in the past, has either not appreciated the problems affecting
us with the poor roads and lack of other infrastructure that would spur development
or simply had no regard for our concerns, development and well being in the newly
created Kikuyu Constituency as more concern has been on the more developed Kabete
• Infrastructural development in any economy is a major catalyst of economic growth
and the fact that little effort has been made by past leadership in Kikuyu to develop
infrastructure is clear testimony of their unwillingness to bring development to the
people of Kikuyu.
To Change from this dark past as we march forward towards economic growth and prosperity,
much effort will need to be put towards improving the infrastructure of our constituency.
This will only be achieved through a hands-on, practical and strategic approach by a leader
who lives amongst the people and lives the same problems the people live with.
I being such a leader, commit myself to change this dark past as follows;-
• To immediately upon taking office, set up a three-year Marshall plan for development
and modernisation of infrastructure in Kikuyu.
 Under this three year Marshall plan, we shall set up sublocational development
Committees that will ensure we aggressively invest roads funds on improvement of our
roads infrastructure in each sub-location to acceptable engineering
We shall also lobby for funds to tarmac streets and install street lighting and sewer
systems in our towns/shopping Centres as well as parking Bays and bus parks. We shall
develop modern retail/wholesale markets at least in each ward. The development of
such ward/sublocational retail and wholesale markets will be designed to guarantee
maximum benefit/returns to the people by not only creating markets for our produce,
but also as entrepreneurship channels of creating wealth and employment for our youth.
• During this period, numerous infrastructural development projects will be initiated/
Completed covering the entire constituency on roads, bus parks, sewerage and drainage
systems, Modern markets, schools and health facilities.
• These projects will be done by locals who will be awarded such construction contracts
creating employment opportunities and construction materials will also be supplied
locally by our own people creating business opportunities and wealth for them.
• I also pledge to ensure that all funds allocated to the Constituency through the roads
board are fully utilised for the intended projects and Social audits are periodically done
to pre-empt wastage of funds.
• I also commit to ensure transparency, accountability and proper utilisation of all
infrastructure development funds for the constituency including those from the local
authorities by working closely with both the Ministry of Local government and the
elected Ward representatives and the County Government.
• Mobilise funds from development partners and through the County government to
construct a Public Housing Estate and/or apartment blocks in Kikuyu.
• Encouraging and assisting locals to access development finance to develop their own well
planned housing for rental to accommodate residents working in the City and create a
larger market for our business community with the increased population residing within
I am determined to ensure that these infrastructure projects serve the twin objectives of
improving the infrastructure as well as creating wealth and employment for our people who
will supply both material and labour resources to all the public funded projects.
And as such, I will Tap from and utilise my academic and professional background and
experience in both Economics and Accounting, to bring together the youth, women and the
business community in Sacco based and self help groups, providing them with both technical
and resource support from available funds to uplift their economic activities and make them
the driving force in the infrastructural development of facilities in the Constituency.
• That our constituency is strategically positioned near the City of Nairobi and with proper
leadership, the Business Community and Farmers in our Constituency can be the leading
suppliers of goods and services to the City.
• That the leadership we have had, has absolutely failed to position our Constituency as a
Major Business hub outside of the city.
• That numerous opportunities are available in making Kikuyu a preferred Investment
destination for Investors who want to set up factories and other businesses in or near
the City; and not to mention as a preferred residential settlement area for those working
in the city.
• That Business (trade), subsistence-horticultural farming and real estate development
can be exploited to be the main drivers of Kikuyu’s economy due to our strategic location
near the city.
• That over the last 15 years, Kikuyu residents have not had leadership that lobbies for
them to get employment in government agencies such as the police, KWS,The Army and
parastatals etc.
• That despite having fertile lands and rich water resources such as Ondiri swamp nearby,
some residents in Karai location have had to depend on relief food during dry seasons.
Recognising the importance of our business community and the opportunities abound
around us; i intend to intervene in this area by;-
• Promoting and aggressively marketing Kikuyu as a preferred investment destination for
Investors who will create employment for our youth through their investments in the
• Assisting our farmers to lower their production costs, Invest in Value addition /agroprocessing
of their produce to make them more competitive and get a ready market
for such produce ,eg.poultry (Chicken and eggs),Kitchen groceries such as (tomatoes,
Cabbages and Sukumawiki etc)by helping them to set up Farmer’s SACCO societies
and Marketing Cooperatives for their produce and assist them in creating linkages and
partnerships with leading supermarket chains and other consumer units such as Hotels
in the City.
• Assisting our business community, farmers and other entrepreneurs access easy and
collateral free loans to finance their ventures and be able to produce more competitively
products that will be easy to sell within the Constituency,the City and County at large .
• Work with the County government to harness the water resource at Ondiri Swamp to
irrigate parts of the dry areas of Karai location to be more productive agriculturally and
not depend on relief food during the dry seasons as well as produce surplus for sale.
• Encouraging and helping our youth and Women to set up Income Generating
Activities(I.G.A.)/projects and businesses within and outside the constituency and
availing to them easy and cheaper loans for setting up these I.G.A.’s/businesses.
• Setting up of youth and Women groups’ Companies that will be funded to provide such
services as road repairs and construction, the construction of schools and dispensaries
in the Constituency such that all contracts for CDF,Roads Board,LATF projects etc.will
be awarded to these locally owned Companies that will also employ our own people.
• Setting up of a Constituency Business and Enterpreneurship Forum that will work with
leading Financial Institutions, NGO’s and Micro Finance Institutions to avail cheap credit
to individuals and groups in the Constituency to start up and develop their businesses.
(For instance here, Organised groups such as those of Matatu Drivers and Conductor’s
associations,Taxi drivers,Retail market traders,Hawkers will be funded to purchase their
own Matatus,Taxis and expand their trading businesses etc).
• Aggressively lobby the government to employ our youth in government agencies such as
the police, Army, KWS and other parastatals.
• Our sporting fraternity,the youth with talents in music,arts and drama,have for a long
time been ignored by past leadership.
• Any effort to engage with the sporting fraternity has only been seen during election
campaigns when politicians scramble to sponsor sporting tournaments to achieve their
own selfish goals.
• No effort is made to critically evaluate how we can tap into the potential of our vibrant
and energetic youth to participate in national development by utilising their skills in
sports,Music, arts and drama.
Appreciating the role of sports in our national development, i will encourage and invest more
funds in the promotion of youth sports and talent development as these will be another
avenue to engage our youth in productive and even income generating activities that will be of
benefit to our Constituency’s and nation’s development agenda.
I will further commit to;-
To increasingly support the youth in developing their talents in Arts/drama, Music and sports
by pro-actively engaging with them to work on modalities to tap onto their talents as a
means of earning a living for them and being economically empowered,
Assisting the youth in organised groups/teams to develop their skills and talents by creating
linkages for Corporate partnerships that will sponsor their sporting activities as well as help
them utilise their talents to secure employment in such corporate organisations.
Liaise with sporting bodies such as FKF,Athletics Kenya,etc to tap and help develop talented
youth from the Constituency as well as offer mentorship programmes for our sportsmen and
Development of social halls and sporting stadiums that will be landscaped and fenced to
ensure we have adequate and quality sporting facilities.
To reclaim all grabbed public utility land earmarked for sports facilities across the Constituency.
• In the 21st century, Kikuyu Constituents still
use donkeys to ferry clean drinking water, YET
the constituency boasts of some of the richest
water resources in Eastern Africa with the
Kikuyu springs, Ondiri Swamp and a good water
• That only 30% of residents in Kikuyu use piped
water in their homes while we supply the City of
Nairobi with piped water from Kikuyu springs.
My proposed Intervention here will be as
• Sink boreholes in each sublocation,and
encourage the formation of community and
church sponsored water projects funded by the Constituency development funds.
• Ensure effective and efficient management of our water resource through the Kikuyu
Water Company and Locational water boards that will be set up.
• Conserve our forest cover in the constituency and encourage the planting of trees by
having seasonal tree planting days where seedlings will be distributed to constituents for
• Encouraging the youth to engage in Conservation projects such as growing of tree
seedlings which will be purchased from them for distribution to Wananchi for planting.
• Proper management of council levies to ensure our towns, shopping centres and
neighbourhoods are clean and lobby for services such as Garbage collection to be
outsourced to local youth and women groups that will be paid for their services by the
council/County Government.
• Greater emphasis on environmental conservation especially through the local/County
government and guarding against environmental pollution of any manner ,encouraging
especially the youth in groups to engage in planting of trees on our road reserves and
afforestation of our gazetted forest areas.
As the People’s Representative in the National Legislative Assembly ,
i Commit;
 To be a strong advocate and representative of the people of Kikuyu in and outside of
parliament by ably representing the people of Kikuyu in Parliament through the tabling of
their needs and aspirations to the National assembly,and ensuring the full implementation
of our new Constitution.
 To being meticulous and proactive in legislative matters that are of Concern to both the
people of Kikuyu and Kenya as a nation, as well as ably representing the people of Kikuyu
in the County and National government’s development plans in lobbying for development
 To carry on the office of MP-Kikuyu with Honour,dignity and Integrity that will always
reflect the wishes of the people of Kikuyu and work towards promoting national
cohesion,peace and Integration of all the people of Kenya to achieve our national goals
always upholding our national Values and Principles.
On Human rights and Justice,Kimani has been a stronger defender of the defenseless and
will continue to defend the weak by ensuring that nobody in Kikuyu will ever suffer from
victimisation and unjustified harassment by the police or others in authority and that all
their rights are respected as per the bill of rights in our Constitution,
To establishing a Legal resource centre/clinics that will have a panel of lawyers to defend
the poor in court cases for free from amongst our own professionals.
To strongly advocate against corruption especially on our roads and local authority
councils, harassment of Matatu operators and other business entrepreneurs and in
public office at large across the nation.
• Many young people have turned to crime as a result of idleness,drug abuse and
• Many residents still suffer various forms of injustice and human rights abuse under the
hands of the police and find it more difficult in our courts due to poverty.
Kimani’s approach will be to ensure that our youth are busy and are deterred from crime by;-
• Ensuring all have an equal opportunity to earn a decent living by being economically
engaged and that our children all have an opportunity to prosper in life by ensuring they
all attain quality Education that would offer new opportunities in employment and job
• Creating employment opportunities for them as outlined elsewhere above,
• Providing them with training opportunities through colleges and polytechnics.
• Engaging them in sponsored and adequately funded sporting and other recreational
activities with reward systems,
• Educating them on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse,
• Encouraging a culture of community policing by encouraging residents to work with the
police to fight crime.
Sports & Youth Support
Continued Support of Church &
Community Development over the years
…I Believe in Quality Education for All
Over the years, since 2008, under our education
support programme, we have supported many
students pursue their education and schools in
uplifting their performance
Kimani Ichung’wah 2012-Kikuyu Constituency
Kikuyu Believes…