“The Board of Directors, Management, staff and friends of the Co-operative Bank; I take this opportunity to welcome the decision and congratulate you on the opening of this new branch. Thank you too for inviting me to officiate this occasion.


Indeed, the opening of this branch of your much esteemed bank was long overdue in our very vibrant town and constituency. I therefore take this early opportunity to welcome you to Kikuyu and assure you of my commitment to supporting your bank in its operations throughout the constituency.


Kikuyu Town, and indeed the entire district offer a very competitive business environment. Our residents are very industrious and your presence in this market will not only enhance competitiveness within the banking sector, but also enrich the sources of affordable financing. This will indeed contribute significantly in boosting the businesses, farming and other economic activities of our people that will lead to further development of Kikuyu Township and its environs.


Your presence here will also significantly contribute to the growth of the cooperative movement in Kikuyu district, as I am confident you will bring with you the excellent support and advisory services offered by your bank to grow new and existing SACCOS. I wish to also assure your staff that Kikuyu is one of the most secure and comfortable place to live and work in. We pride ourselves as being home to some of the best educational facilities, best water resource, and best soil for Agriculture and friendly people to work with.


Lastly, I pray that the Bank’s Board of Directors and Management, will in the near future partner with us in investing a fraction of your Community Social Responsibility (CSR) budget in development and community projects around the Constituency especially towards support of education, youth & women and in provision of clean water and sanitation services. All these remain as major challenges to many here in Kikuyu. However, our potential is very vast and I am sure the decision was timely, right and strategic especially as devolution starts taking shape. As you purpose to render affordable, accessible and suitable banking services to our residents, the bank will also definitely achieve immeasurable growth.


Once again, I Welcome Cooperative bank to KIKUYU, and urge our residents and constituents to give you full support. KARIBU SANA, and all the Best as you open your doors this morning.

May God Bless you all!


Asante Sana…”


Hon. Anthony K. Ichung’wah, M.P.

Member of the National Assembly

Kikuyu Constituency