Receive Christian greetings.

The Chief Guest, Parents, Teachers, Pupils and Students, distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.  It gives me great pleasure to join you all during this occasion to congratulate the students who excelled as well as encourage those who didn’t attain their best.  I have observed since I came to office the good expansion that has taken place in the Department of Education.  We have witnessed rapid growth in the number of new Primary and Secondary schools both Private and Public.  We have also noted effective quality assurance and impressive management of schools.  I am also aware that the Sub-County has maintained a steady performance in KCSE and KCPE over the last three years.


That notwithstanding, I have noted the following; –

  • Our performance especially in key subject clusters is still wanting.
  • With the increasing demand for higher education, admission to public and Private Institutions of higher learning has become competitive and very expensive to most of us.  The Joint Admission Board is constantly revising performance Index, subject cluster and higher cut off points per career each year.  This has continued to lock out very brilliant students from admission to universities.
  • Our transition to University is about 15%. 10% join University as self sponsored students.  About 20% of KCSE graduates join middle and vocational Colleges.  10% gain casual and petty employment.  45% drop out altogether.  This is a matter of great concern to all of us.

During my tenure I would like to collaborate with all the stake holders in reducing the above wastage.  When all the government departments work together as a team the community becomes more efficient and growth is recorded in all sectors..



I would particularly like to support interventions in the following areas:-

  • Careers Day:  Where all Institutions in the Sub-County would show case their academic and Vocational programmes.
  • Strengthening continuous assessment tests at all levels.  There is need to benchmark what we are currently testing on Education. I challenge all the teachers and Quality Assurance section to make sure that all tests and mocks are well moderated, and within the best practices.
  • There is need to development in to sustainable Polytechnics of applied technology where the youth would be equipped with skills that are relevant in the contemporary life and economy.

These can only be achieved through collaboration, team work, ownership and commitment. I urge the incoming CDF Committee to support the Education Department in this endeavor.  Together we can develop a county of academic excellence. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Hon. Anthony K. Ichung’wa

Member of the National Assembly

Kikuyu Constituency.